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Legends of the DC Universe: Doug Mahnke



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Celebrat two decades of Mahnke-ing around!

Doug Mahnke is an artist who has drawn it all…quite literally. Over the 20 years since he first laid pencil to paper for DC, he’s illustrated everyone from Superman to Frankenstein to Wonder Woman, not to mention several different iterations of the Justice League and Green Lantern Corps.

Mahnke’s ability to convey action and emotion in his panels has made him the artist of choice for many writers and a fan favorite among legions of comics readers. Whether he’s depicting a certain Bastich from Czarnia getting into a rowdy bar brawl, a Dark Knight Detective brooding over a gargoyle, or the sorrow of a Martian funeral, his work continually packs a visual and visceral punch.

This eclectic collection of tales pulled from titles such as Superman: The Man of SteelGreen LanternBatmanJustice League, and The Multiversity: Ultra Comics spotlights the amazing abilities of ones of DC’s most talented artists of the modern age. Featuring the writing of Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis, Geoff Johns, Judd Winick, and more—with an introduction from longtim friend and collaborator Peter J. Tomasi—Legends of the DC Universe: Doug Mahnke is a must-have for fans of this dynamic illustrator.

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Legends of the DC Universe Doug Mahnke

About the Author

Doug Mahnke embarked on a love affair with comics at the age of five, having received a pile of Spider-Man issues from a rugby-playing college student named Mike who lived in his basement. A consistent interest in the medium, coupled with some art skill, landed Mahnke a job drawing comics for Dark Horse at the age of 24. His first gig was illustrating a moody detective one-shot entitled Homicide, written by John Arcudi. The two went on to collaborate on Dark Horse’s The Mask and their creator-owned series MAJOR BUMMER, originally published by DC. Since then Mahnke has worked almost exclusively for DC on a wide variety of titles, including SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL, JLA, JUSTICE LEAGUE, BATMAN, TEAM ZERO, SEVEN SOLDIERS: FRANKENSTEIN, BLACK ADAM: THE DARK AGE, STORMWATCH: P.H.D., FINAL CRISIS, GREEN LANTERN, SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN, SUPERMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS.

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