Archie 1000 Page Comics Delight

Archie 1000 Page Comics Delight

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Swamp Thing: The Bronze Age Vol. 3

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Swamp Thing The Bronze Age Vol. 3

Aquaman Vol. 4: Echoes of a Life Lived Well

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The Wedding War.

Marriage is supposed to be a blissful occasion, whether on land or in the Seven Kingdoms below the surface of the sea. For Aquaman, the wedding of the century is here—but hell follows behind it.

When Mera awakens from her coma, she finds herself betrothed… and not to Aquaman. The groom’s identity could shift the balance of power in the Seven Kingdoms. Meanwhile, Princess Andy, Aquaman’s heir apparent, has gone missing, and Orm, the Ocean Master, is the prime suspect. To save the princess, Jackson Hyde dives into the fray—but only after making a deal with the devil in the form of his father, the sinister Black Manta.

It all culminates in a brawl at the altar, where wedding crashers arrive from every kingdom—even from the darkness of the Trench. Can Aquaman and Mera weather the storm, or will the wedding bells toll for the death of all they hold dear?

You are hereby invited to discover the answers in Aquaman Vol. 4: Echoes of a Life Lived Well, an all-out undersea action extravaganza that marks the end of writer Kelly Sue DeConnick’s epic creative run, with assists from writer Jordan Clark and artists Miguel Mendonça, Robson Rocha, and more!
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Aquaman Vol. 4: Echoes of a Life Lived Well

About the Author

Kelly Sue DeConnick is the Eisner Award-nominated writer of Bitch Planet (Image), Pretty Deadly (Image), Captain Marvel (Marvel), and Osborn (Marvel) and got her start in the comics industry adapting Japanese and Korean comics into English. Five years and more than 10,000 pages of adaptation later, she transitioned to American comics with 30 Days of Night: Eben and Stella for Steve Niles and IDW. Work for Image, Boom, Oni, Humanoids, Dark Horse, DC, Vertigo, and Marvel soon followed. Today DeConnick is best known for surprise hits like Carol Danvers’s rebranding as Captain Marvel and the Eisner-nominated mythological western Pretty Deadly; the latter co-created with artist Emma Ríos. DeConnick’s most recent venture, the sci-fi kidney-punch called Bitch Planet, co-created with Valentine De Landro, launched to rave reviews in December 2014. DeConnick lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, Matt Fraction, and their two children.

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