Swamp Thing The Bronze Age Vol. 3

Swamp Thing: The Bronze Age Vol. 3

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Crisis on Multiple Earths Book 1: Crossing Over

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Crisis on Multiple Earths Book 1 Crossing Over

Superman: Kryptonite Nevermore

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The Man of Steel’s greatest weakness—gone forever?

Kryptonite. The very word has become synonymous with hidden vulnerability—a modern-day Achilles’ heel. The fragmentary remains of Superman’s doomed home planet, this glowing green mineral has bedeviled the World’s Greatest Hero since he first arrived on Earth.

But what would happen if this deadly threat was completely eradicated?

That was the question posed in 1971, when legendary comics editor Julius Schwartz took over the Superman family of titles at DC Comics. In response, an up-and-coming young writer named Dennis O’Neil joined with acclaimed artists Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson to deliver what would become a milestone in the history of American comics: the saga of “Kryptonite Nevermore”!

Over the course of nine issues in the monthly Superman series, this supercharged creative team turned decades of continuity on their head and transformed the Last Son of Krypton from an impossibly strong galaxy-faring adventurer into a more reasonable powered, relatable guardian of Earth. Now, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of its original publication, DC Comics is proud to present an all-new hardcover edition collecting this historic story line in its entirety—featuring newly restored color on every page as well as insightful essays from O’Neil and former DC presiden and publisher Paul Levitz.

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Superman: Kryptonite Nevermore

About the Author

Dennis O’Neil began his career as a comic book writer in 1965 at Charlton, where then-editor Dick Giordano assigned him to several features. When Giordano moved to DC, O’Neil soon followed. At DC, O’Neil scripted several series for Giordano and Julius Schwartz, quickly becoming one of the most respected writers in comics. O’Neil earned a reputation for being able to “revamp” such characters as Superman, Green Lantern, Captain Marvel–and Batman, whom O’Neil (with the help of Neal Adams and Giordano) brought back to his roots as a dark, mysterious, gothic avenger. Besides being the most important Batman writer of the 1970s, O’Neil served as an editor at both Marvel and DC. After a long tenure as group editor of the Batman line of titles, he retired to write full-time.

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