Archie Modern Classics Vol 3

Archie: Modern Classics Vol. 3

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Catwoman Vol. 4: Come Home, Alley Cat

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Catwoman Vol. 4 Come Home, Alley Cat

Titans: Burning Rage

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Streets of Blood!

With tensions rising between the rich and the poor, San Francisco is on the brink of an all-out class war. But as Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven struggle to keep the unrest under control, two of their associates are stoking the flames! Rather than keeping the peace, Hawk and Dove are each leading their own faction of ordinary citizens into an uprising. As the two groups come closer to an eruption of violence, the rest of the Titans begin to suspect that their friends aren’t in control of their actions.

Beast Boy’s adopted father, millionaire Steve Dayton, has been at the center of the conflict. But could he be responsible for it? Years ago, Dayton was the hero-turned-villain Mento. Is he once again using mind control to achieve his ends?

Fan-favorite writer Dan Jurgens (The Death and Return of Superman) and artists Scot Eaton (Swamp Thing) and Wayne Faucher (Shadowpact) put the Titans on the front lines of a city in turmoil in Titans: Burning Rage.

Collects Titans: Burning Rage #1-7 (originally published in Teen Titans Giant #1-7 and Titans Giatns #1-7.)

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Titans: Burning Rage

About the Author

Dan Jurgens is a writer and artist most famous for creating Booster Gold, as well as for being one of the main forces behind “The Death of Superman.” He has written and/or illustrated titles such as Justice League of AmericaCaptain AmericaThe Sensational Spider-ManThor, Teen Titans, Aquaman, DC’s Tangent imprint and the company-wide DC crossover known as Zero Hour.

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