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Catwoman Vol. 4 Come Home, Alley Cat

Birds of Prey: Hero Hunters



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Black Canary, Huntress, and Oracle. The Birds of Prey. An elite group of women who take on Gotham City’s criminal underbelly one at a time. 

Huntress enlists the help of Vixen and goes undercover to expose a dangerous cult outside of Gotham. Meanwhile Black Canary and Oracle battle the likes of Brainiac and the Joker. Plus, the Birds of Prey unite for a terrifying showdown against the powerful, life-stealing vigilante Harvest, but will one of the members pay the ultimate price for her past?

Birds of Prey: Hero Hunters explores the lives of Black Canary, Huntress, and Oracle as they fight together as the Birds of Prey. Written by comics legend Gail Simone (Secret Six) and drawn by talented artist Ed Benes (Superman) and others, this collection includes Batgirl #57, Batman #633, and Birds of Prey #68-80.

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Birds of Prey Hero Hunters

About the Author

A multiple award-winning, critically acclaimed writer of comics and animation, Gail Simone began writing as a columnist for, producing the comics parody column “You’ll All Be Sorry.” She has since had fan favorite runs on such books as Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Superman, Secret Six, Birds of Prey and the creator-owned Welcome to Tranquility. She currently writes Clean Room for Vertigo.

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